Sisters Bakery of Knightdale

We pride ourselves in baking just for you!!

Sisters Bakery of Knightdale was inspired by two adoring southern ladies, who took great pride in making homemade cakes and pies from scratch just the way their mother taught them. Their mother's desserts were known for being the freshest and the best tasting throughout their community by family and friends alike.

These family secrets have been passed onto me and I will never compromise the quality of our products.

To enhance my talent and artistry of cake design, I am currently a student at Wake Technical College in North Carolina.

For the most discriminating pallets that appreciate the finest recipes and want to serve the best!

We bake each cake or pie to order, to ensure the freshest and best quality for you.

We want your special occasion - or, just your family meal - to sparkle with one of our delicious cakes or pies.

We make down-home cakes for down-home people!


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Yes, I am the Webmaster for Cathy and Sisters Bakery of Knightdale. However, that does not mean that I should not feedback my recent experience with Cathy's Apple and Pumpkin pies on Thanksgiving 2013!

They were delicious; each pies' filling was excellent and the piecrust top edges were flaky and tasty; bringing back fond memories. A wonderful Thanksgiving day treat - that was perfect even for the left-over days that followed!
Dave S.

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Fall has "fell" here, in our part of the world. Perfect weather. Nice!

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukah, Christmas, New Year and more are coming up. We look forward to hearing from - and, working with you in preparing for all your joyous up comings.

Of course, our pies are a popular item year around: Sweet potato, Apple, Pumpkin, the choice goes on-and-on. Or, of course, our cakes or cupcakes for that special party.

We also serve mini-cupcakes! They come in vanilla, chocolate and lemon flavor.

Perhaps banana cake sounds good? It is! We offer that, year-round.

We love to serve YOU!

We bake for all your events; Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, family reunions or for just you and that special someone.

We here at Sisters Bakery have the dessert pastry for you!

Our fresh homemade desserts rekindle memories of grandma's kitchen.

"At Sisters Bakery we specialize in taste, NOT just design."

© Sisters Bakery of Knightdale

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